About Me

Hi! Let me tell you a little about myself. In the real world I’m a freelance copywriter, specializing in creative marketing materials, web content, and general articles. Here I’m Bill Carson, an outside-the-box humor blogger and son of a wealthy oil magnate Chester Bane Carson. Initially, I started this blog to play around with different writing ideas and styles. I figured a blog, with its wiggling buttocks exposed to the public, could be a great way to force yourself to dig a little deeper than you would if you’re simply scribbling things down in Staples brand mini-notebooks. As awesome as those are. My goal was to try to have fun with the whole blogging format.

My writing tends to get a bit quirky and weird but, trust me, it means well. I’m a big fan of humor, science fiction, satire and literary fiction. I read and write all of it. I’ve published a number of short stories through various online magazines, and plan to continue that pursuit. You should try it sometime! Really works wonders for your social life!

When I started this thing I agreed with myself to experiment with a variety of nifty formats that I may have never ventured into otherwise. So that kinda of makes this blog my own personal Area 51. Isn’t that exciting? So, hey, hang out and have a look around. If you find any one of my posts to be crude, offensive, nonsensical or indicative of mental issues, I assure you it’s just a weather balloon.

I’m always looking for new writing opportunities—I’d love to do some guest blogging! Hit me up!

5 Responses to About Me

  1. zareenn3 says:

    You have a good sense of humor judging from the few posts I have read. It’s a bit too satirical at times but I like it.

  2. I too scribble things in those same Staples notebooks!

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